Household Waste Disposal and Reycling

Long-lasting waste management reforms begin at home.

From small, at-home projects to big ones, you can count on us to dispose of all your household debris sustainably.

Running a household is a daunting job without having to continuously worry about waste disposal. Maple, with its Home Waste Disposal services, is the partner you’re looking for to ensure that all kinds of waste generated at your home is disposed efficiently, responsibly and sustainably. Once you’ve partnered with us, you can free yourself from all your worries related to everyday household waste disposal.

Every household is unique and equally important to us. You’ll be able to choose from a plethora of recycling and disposal options to create a one that will be tailor-made to your requirements and timing to ensure maximum convenience for you.

Easy Waste Removal 

household waste disposal and recycling

Drive your loaded vehicle to our weighing scale

Unload your waste

Drive on to the scale again and you'll be charged for the difference in weight.

Contact us for pricing on mixed waste as the material and location affects the lift and price per ton.

Types of waste we can dispose of for you include:

  • Furniture, doors, lumber, cabinets & pressured wood
  • Roof shingles, drywall & concrete
  • Cell Phones, home phones, computers etc.,
  • Tires, auto parts, bicycles & lawnmowers
  • Leaves, branches, hedges, twigs & tree limbs
  • Tools, pipe, cable & household appliances
  • Blue bin items

Couldn’t find what you’re looking for?

Our aim is to come up with long-term disposal solutions that burden our environment as little as possible while making our community a cleaner and greener place to live in. That’s why, every household we serve counts.
Your collaboration helps us take that next step in this journey of ours towards sustainable and eco-friendly waste disposal.

household waste disposal and recycling
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We are a transfer station in Vaughan, Ontario offering waste management services including recycling.

Fast, convenient, affordable and responsible waste management is what
Maple Transfer & Recycling Inc is all about.


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